My Collection

I have been collecting WWII stamps and covers for years. Over that time I have collected hundreds of stamps and hundreds of covers that I would like to share with everyone. I collect WWII Germany and all WWII German occupied countries. I lived in Germany for 3 years when I was a kid and I always had an interest in WWII. When I started collecting stamps I went with my childhood memories and started with the Third Reich. I then moved on to occupied countries. My collection has grown to include German Death Cards and other propaganda put out by the Third Reich. Please click on the links above to see parts of my collection. I will add often so check back from time to time. This is a work in progress. I will better organize my collection when I have more scans done.

Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy. Remember that this site is for historical reasons, not political ones.


Recent Acquisitions

Thank you to a great guy for helping me with my collection. R. You are the best.

Please if you have duplicates you want to sell or trade or suggestions about my page. Please contact me at:


This Website is dedicated to researchers, archivists and collectors of historical military memorabilia. This site carries no affiliation whatsoever with any political ideology, especially of hate or intolerance. Any visitor to this site does so with the understanding that it is strictly for the purposes of historical collecting and research as stated above.

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