Feldpost Covers

During 1937-39, the German Wehrmacht had a military mailing service that provided free postal services within Germany. On September 3, 1939, the first changes to the service occurred. Postcards and letters up to 250 g including newspapers could be mailed free of charge by the German para-military and military organizations. Later in 1939, packages weighing up to 1000 g were included at the nominal rate of 20 Reichspfennig fee. All German military branches had its own organic postal administration in charge of receiving and delivering mail. For Feldpost offices closest to the combat zone a mobile facility usually processed mail for all military branches.
To preserve the secrecy of troop movements, each battalion was assigned a five digit code number called Feldpost number (FPN). By the end of 1939, letter prefixes "L" and "M" were attached in front of each FPN to units belonging to the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. A breakdown by military units was added by attaching letter prefixes "A" through "E" at the end of each FPN. The letter A generally signified headquarters company, the others stood for line companies.
The sequence of an FPN does not necessarily mean that the location of the units were at the same area. The postal cover/postcard itself was usually stamped with a military Feldpost Cancellation and Official Military Unit Seal. Feldpost numbers were sometimes reassigned to other units, particularly when a unit ceased to exist.

Waffen SS Feldpost Cover from Occupied Latvia
WWII German Covers , Postcards and Souvenir Sheets
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A Very Special Cover. This cover does not belong to me. It belongs to a friend and he has agreed to let me display it here. It is a truly beautiful piece. A birthday card to Adolf Hitler. A true piece of history.

Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia Covers

A work in progress. I still have more to scan. Keep checking back for updates.
WWII Nazi Propaganda Cancels

The Third Reich was extremely efficient at using the postal system for propaganda purposes. They issued many stamps depicting themes supporting NAZI goals and they created many cancels exposing NAZI ideals and themes. There are two types of propaganda cancels - special cancels designed to commemorate NAZI events and themes and "slogan" cancels which were added to the normally used town cancels. Both types of cancels are extremely popular with collectors of WWII period philately.

Other stuff
Things that just don't fit anywhere else.
German Death Cards
The making of Death Cards was a common practice, particularly for Catholics in Germany during the 19th and 20th century. When a person died the family would commission these cards to let family and friends know of the death.
U.S. Patriotic Covers  And Stamps
During the war American envelope makers came up with a host of anti - Nazi, anti - Jap and certainly pro - American designs for the outside of these envelopes.

U.S. War Ration Books
War ration books and tokens were issued to each American family, dictating how much gasoline, tires, sugar, meat, silk, shoes, nylon and other items any one person could buy.  Across the country 8000 rationing boards were created to administer these restrictions.
I will be uploading the various types of ration stamps used.

WWII Era U.S. Destination Labels
These are destination labels for bundles mail from one town to another town. The date stamp on the labels is the date the bundle was forwarded from the sending town.

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WWII Greek Censored Covers
WWII Censored mail from India